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Dear readers,

It have been very blessed for the past two plus years to bring you Take These Chains and Daily Maintenance. It was very much of a learning process for me to begin a website as I had no prior experience. During this time I have worked for and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and am in the next few days finishing my thesis to complete my Master’s degree in Christian Ministry.  Along with this I have become an ordained pastor and serve as an Associate Pastor for Truth and Mercy Ministries. It has been both exciting and personally challenging to minister to all who would read and listen to Take These Chains.  For this I am ever grateful that our Lord would permit and provide for such a ministry as this.

There are times in our lives when God will close a door behind us and then open a new door before us in order to serve Him as to His will for our lives. Today I wish to announce such a plan.

Effective Jan. 15, 2014 I will be closing down Take These Chains website, along with both the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Lord has shown me to faithfully serve the ministry of Truth and Mercy Ministries as Associate Pastor (link below).  I will be posting on that website with as much frequency as I possibly can-and do so with the style and personality of Take These Chains. I plan to also link both the GodTube channel and Soundcloud channel in these postings.  In addition to serving Truth and Mercy Ministries I will be phasing into a position as Professor of Ministry studies portion of Truth and Mercy Institute For Advanced Ministry Studies for the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Ministry. I am both excited and challenged as I serve God in this special way.

Please feel free to contact me:


Here is the link to Truth and Mercy Ministries:



Here is the link to Truth and Mercy Institute For Advanced Ministry Studies:



I very much hope to hear from all of you as I embark upon this new calling.


God Bless  You Today!

Your Brother in Christ, Pastor & Grandpa Frosty

 …”just a man under the stage”


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